Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Audio Addict Presents Vol.4 - Benga

This is a HUGE selection of 28 tracks from dubstep mastermind Benga, and the best part is... it's completely free! Definitely recommend this download, check the Soundcloud mix and the links below!

Audio Addict Presents Vol.4...BENGA by Audio-Addict

You can also download straight from Soundcloud.

Audio Addict Presents Vol. 4 Benga - Depositfiles

Audio Addict Presents Vol. 4 Benga - Filesonic

Audio Addict Presents Vol. 4 Benga - Wupload


  1. Benga's a bit hit or miss, but I'll give it a shot

  2. You always pick great songs!

  3. Sounds pretty sweet, I gotta admit

  4. i'll take anything that's free!

  5. It's tight you mentioned benga, few do, but just add a bit more descriptions man. From what I remember, he was more budstep ain't he? didn't listen